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Packaging-free shopping on the rise in Europe

The emergence of packaging-free shopping in Europe


The number of stores selling in bulk in Europe continues to increase. In addition to the well-known Italian Effecorta and Catalan Granel, Lunzers Mass-Greisslerei in Vienna also provides mass products to Austrians, and in Germany, a new store called Unverpackt opened in Kiel a month ago.

In Berlin, Biosphäre is a social, non-profit organic store. It started offering unpackaged cleaning products in 2013, and started offering bulk food this month—both have achieved excellent results. During the usual learning period, paper bags are used to fill dry food from large dispensers ("bulk boxes"), although more and more customers are starting to buy reusable cotton bags and bring their own containers to the store. Therefore, the number of disposable packaging is steadily decreasing.

This store is located in the Neukölln district of Berlin. There are two prices for the goods: one is cheap for low-income customers. All the products in the store are high-quality organic, and priority is given to small producers in the area.

Therefore, it is a store that creates sustainable jobs both inside and outside the company. It has a low ecological footprint because most products do not travel long distances and leave no waste. It is also a good opportunity for locals to eat local and healthy food without the need Pay more than other shops. The concept of the unpackaged food section of Biosphäre was developed by the new company unverpackt-einkaufen ("Unpackaged Store") with the aim of integrating unpackaged alternatives into the existing grocery business in Germany.

During 2014, new stores for mass sales will be opened in Berlin and elsewhere, so stay tuned for the good news!

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