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The Environment Committee’s vote on Renewable Energy confirms its commitment to Circular Economy

The Environment Council’s vote on renewable energy confirms its commitment to the circular economy

For immediate release: Brussels, 24/10/17

Following yesterday’s vote on the renewable energy proposal, the ENVI committee took an important step to integrate renewable energy policy with EU waste legislation and reiterated its commitment to achieving ambitious circular economy goals. The text approved yesterday sets new safeguards for the process of converting waste into energy to ensure that they respect the waste levels specified in Directive 2008/98/EC and avoid distorting the market for waste, residues and by-products.

Janek Vahk, Zero Waste European Development and Policy Coordinator, said: “By prioritizing energy recovery over waste prevention and recycling, the current Renewable Energy Directive has become a major obstacle to achieving the EU’s waste legislation goals. Last night, members of the European Parliament issued a The clear signal is that the recovery of energy from waste must strictly follow the waste hierarchy."

For Zero Waste Europe, the text adopted by the ENVI Committee includes most of the key elements required to align renewable energy proposals with EU circular economy policies. The text sets stricter standards for the use of municipal and industrial waste for energy. In addition, it does not include renewable energy support for waste that is not collected separately.

"We can only achieve a circular economy by phasing out mixed waste energy subsidies. This is essential for achieving higher separate collection and recycling rates, in line with the requirements of the new waste legislation," Janek Vahk said.

Zero Waste Europe congratulates the ENVI committee and the team of rapporteurs, and calls on ITRE members of the European Parliament to support the ENVI committee’s decision to exclude mixed waste energy support plans and complete the coordination of renewable energy and circular economy policies.



Press contact: Janek Vahk, Zero Waste European Development and Policy Coordinator +32 (0) 2 503 64 88

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