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Zero Waste Europe to the European Commission: let’s use plastics only when it makes sense

The European Commission has zero waste in Europe: Let us use plastic only when it makes sense.

Today, ZWE announced its position on the goal of reducing plastic products, requiring dual policy actions for plastic packaging and disposable plastic products that are of great concern.

This announcement coincided with the reinvention of plastics conference organized by the committee. The civil society coalition Rethink Plastics used the conference to launch a small campaign to present participants with reusable cups from sustainable sources and to increase online petitions requesting policy actions. The popularity has been signed by more than 500,000 citizens.

Although plastic is one of the fastest growing pollutants in the world, there is currently no legislation aimed at controlling and reducing this source of pollution.

In the paper, ZWE emphasized that alternatives to fast-moving and short-lived plastic applications already exist. If the correct legislation is in place, the EU will become a leader in the sustainable use of plastics.

In addition, Joan Marc Simon, director of ZWE, delivered a keynote speech at the conference. He said: "If there is a flood at home, what is the first thing you do? Have you started to focus on shoveling water more efficiently? You discuss with your family How to redesign the water so that it evaporates at 25 degrees Celsius? Or do you just go in and turn off the tap? It’s time for Europe to shut down plastic pollution."

"We cannot recycle from #PlasticPollution, we need to turn off the tap" @zerowasteeurope's @JMSimonL said at the #plasticstrategy conference

-Rethink Plastic (@RethinkPlastic) September 26, 2017

Zero Waste Europe enables communities to rethink their relationship with resources in order to achieve a world without waste.

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ZWE’s policy document: Seize the opportunity: use plastic only where it makes sense

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