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The European Parliament votes in favour of almost Zero Waste for 2020!

The European Parliament voted for almost zero waste in 2020!

Today-May 24, 2012-The European Parliament (EP) passed a resolution on resource-efficient Europe. If the resolution is implemented, the EU may embark on a path of zero waste in 2020.

In this resolution, the European Parliament and the European Commission expressed the need to bring residual waste to zero, and therefore called on the European Commission to make recommendations before 2014, with a view to gradually banning landfills in Europe and phasing out incineration by 2020 Recyclable and compostable waste (point 33)

As you can see in the picture on the left, currently 80% of municipal solid waste in Europe is recyclable or compostable. If the Eco-Design Directive is strengthened in the way required by the EP in point 5, it is likely to be non-recyclable. Yes, by 2020, non-compostable products will be less than 5% of the total MSW. Therefore, this actually means the end of waste disposal in Europe.

It also urges the European Commission to agree on clear, robust and measurable economic activity indicators by 2013 that can consider climate change, biodiversity and resource efficiency from a life cycle perspective. (Point 2)

The resolution paved the way for fundamental changes in waste management practices in Europe, but don’t forget that legally binding measures have not yet been taken. Currently:

– The implementation of EU waste legislation in most member states is quite poor,

– European market incentives and subsidies are used to fund incineration, not prevention or recycling,

– Energy production takes precedence over energy saving (ie, if you burn paper, you will receive a subsidy for renewable energy, if you recycle it, there is no major or subsidy),

– There is no need to collect bio-waste separately, or even guarantee the quality of compost...

So, from an institutional point of view, now that we have all the declarations of intent in terms of zero waste, it is time to adapt the EU waste legislation to the challenge!

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