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Annual Zero Waste Europe meeting in Gipuzkoa – 11-13th May 2012

The European Zero Waste Annual Conference held in Gipuzkoa from May 11th to 13th, 2012

. The European Zero Waste Network will hold a meeting in Donosti (San Sebastian), Basque Country, Spain from May 11th to 13th, 2012.

This conference will bring together activists, waste experts and policy makers from all over Europe, as well as observers from outside the European continent.

This event combines on-site visits with public events and internal debates.

We will visit the best practices of Hernani and Usurbil. These two cities are the first to collect separately in the Basque Country and now collect more than 85% of their waste separately, thus achieving a very high recycling and composting rate.

There will be a public meeting with zero waste strategy experts such as Dr. Paul Connett, Enzo Favoino or Rossano Ercolini, who will share the experience and details of zero waste with citizens and policy makers.

Last but not least, there will be a Zero Waste Network Conference in Europe, where we will discuss next year’s strategy, approve indicators for measuring zero waste progress, show best practices from different local experiences, and prepare a common Cross-border projects.

If you are running a zero waste project, if you are interested in learning more about zero waste, if you want to link to other zero waste networks in other countries, we welcome you to join. limited spots. If you want to participate, you can register here. The deadline is April 16th!

To view the meeting schedule, click here.


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