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Dissolution of association Zero Waste Europe

The European Zero Waste Association is dissolved.

The European Zero Waste Association disbanded

The European Zero Waste Association with the Chamber of Commerce number 61078719 entered the liquidation stage. The reason for this is that the (former) Foundation Zero Waste Europe has been transformed into the European Zero Waste Association (Chamber Number 59145870), which has continued all the rights and obligations of the Foundation. Therefore, the old ZWE Association became redundant. The termination decision will be made at the conference on April 25, 2020. Therefore, we urgently call on any creditors to report to the organization. You can contact Huub Scheele ( before April 6, 2020.

European Zero Waste Association Delftlaan 189, 2023LG Haarlem

Ontbinding van vereniging Zero Waste Europe De Vereniging Zero Waste Europe encountered KvK-nummer 61078719 gaat during the liquidation. De reden hiervoor is dat de (voormalige) Stichting Zero Waste Europe is omgezet in een Vereniging Zero Waste Europe (met KvK-nummer 59145870), die alle rechten en verplichtingen van de stichting voortzet. De oudere Vereniging ZWE is daarom overbodig geworden. Het besluit tot beëindiging zal worden genenin in de Algemene Ledenvergadering op 25 4 April 2020. We roepen daarom dringend eventuele schuldeisers op zich te melden bij deorganisatie. U kunt hiervoor contact opnemen met with Huub Scheele ( voor de datum van April 6, 2020.

Vereniging Zero Waste Europe Delftland 189, 2023LG Haarlem

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