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The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), Zero Waste Europe, the European Consumer Organisation BEUC, CHEM Trust and ClientEarth have joined hands

The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), Zero Waste Europe, BEUC, CHEM Trust and ClientEarth have joined forces to break some of the most popular myths about chemicals used in food contact materials.

The infographic released today illustrates how the chemicals used in the production, processing, preparation and packaging of food can endanger our health.

Click here to download this infographic

No one should worry about toxic substances entering our food. However, if you ask around, most consumers have little knowledge of the chemical composition of the packaging of food and beverages, or exposure to these chemicals may lead to the development of cancer, reproductive disorders or hormonal disorders.

This is why we are working with other NGOs to support the requirement for new food contact material legislation within the EU. In order to fully protect our health and the environment, policy makers should:

Click here to read more about ZWE's work on food contact materials and chemical contamination.

Download complete infographics and social media assets.

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