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The association of Italian Zero Waste towns has been created

The Italian Association of Zero Waste Towns has created

At a meeting held in Capannori on October 13, representatives from 16 regions in Italy agreed to formally establish the Italian Zero Waste Towns Association.

Currently, 107 cities and towns in Italy alone have pledged to achieve zero waste and phase out waste landfill and incineration. The latest important city to join the network is Palma, which has undergone an amazing transformation due to popular mobilization.

After intense debate, the organization's charter was unanimously approved, and the governing body will be elected at the next meeting.

During the event Pr. Paul Connett told the story of the Zero Waste International Movement and determined that California and Italy are the most important development priorities for this concept.

In addition to Parma, other new Italian towns that have signed zero waste commitments include Altavilla Milicia-PA in Sicily, Civita Castellana-VT in Lazio, Parma and Crescentino, Crova, Fontanetto Po, San Germano, Santhià, Tronzano in the Emilia Romagna region. Vercellese-Piedmont's VR.

For more information, see Zero Waste in Italy

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