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Progressive industry calls for an ambitious Circular Economy Policy

The progressive industry calls for ambitious circular economy policies

A group of progressive industries of more than 2,300 companies from various industries (from multinational companies to small and medium-sized enterprises) has proposed a joint declaration calling for an ambitious circular economy package. The initiative is led by De Groene Zaak, MVO Nederland and Circular Economy, but has the support of other relevant stakeholders, such as the European Environment Agency or ACR+.

The declaration emphasized that “recycling enterprises are currently achieving success despite the existence and not because of the regulatory framework,” and further legislative and policy actions are needed to achieve a circular economy. In their suggestions, we should emphasize:

Strong leadership and political guidance: Bringing a circular economy means changing our consumption and production patterns for 250 years. This requires a systematic approach. Therefore, the new package should be "a package of government measures to provide systematic incentives to encourage companies to implement circular business models." Maintain the original goals and introduce new goals: they recommend retaining recycling and landfilling The binding targets of the target and create new reuse targets. Economic incentives can supplement these. Discourage incineration: They recommend introducing strict standards to exclude household waste incineration that can be recycled or material recycled. Tax burden shift: The declaration proposes to shift the tax burden from labor to resources, through the following methods to incentivize “recycling products”, value-added tax and other European material footprints, indicators other than GDP: They “recommend using per capita raw material consumption (RMC) as a measure of resource productivity. "Key indicators", and believe that GDP "is a linear measure of the economy is not sufficient." Circular economy policies need new indicators, such as real progress indicators. Create a European Circular Economy Institute, which will promote economic research, assist in policy making, define transition paths, etc. based on existing national examples.

You can find their manifesto here. Zero Waste Europe supports these measures and is happy to see these proposals in the new circular economy package.

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