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Haul of Fame: F&L Construction

The road to fame: F&L Construction

Welcome to "Celebrity Journey", this is Rubicon's weekly series. We sat down with a porter partner to talk about their company, their community, and how they can work with Rubicon to accomplish our mission of ending waste.

F&L Construction, Inc. is headquartered in Washington, DC. Founded in 1991, F&L is a minority-owned construction and demolition company that has rapidly expanded to include a full range of solid waste and recycling solutions. F&L now serves customers throughout Washington, DC. F&L has 30 trucks and more than 50 employees and has been working with Rubicon since 2015.

F&L Marketing Development Director Marc Shaener sat down with Rubicon to talk about the company and Haul of Fame's mission.

How does Rubicon's mission to end waste match F&L's own corporate mission?

F&L: Since the beginning of 2000, we have steadily developed waste services and become one of the largest waste management businesses in the region. While our company is committed to developing alternative technologies such as gasification, anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis, while carrying out waste and recyclable removal work, we have created a comprehensive food waste and used tire recycling solution. Transferring waste from landfills through recycling can protect our planet and protect our precious resources.

How does F&L stand out from the competition?

F&L: The range of products offered by F&L is very unique. From construction management to waste collection and snow removal, we are still developing a new recycling program. Although we provide a wide range of services, we emphasize to be a truly reliable service provider and provide our customers with a solution provider they can trust. As a minority company, we provide a wide range of services to commercial, industrial, and government clients and have been certified as a HUBZone company by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

What is F&L's view on participating in the circular economy and helping to build a more sustainable future?

F&L: At F&L, we believe in social equality and diversity. The founder of F&L is a smart and insightful leader whose values ​​run through the entire company. We support local schools and help disadvantaged communities by not only providing recyclable education to students, but also supporting them through work, holiday donations, and beautification projects for schools and communities. We not only transport garbage but also actively participate in community activities, which makes us very proud.

What do you like most about the community where you work and the customers you serve?

F&L: Our company relies on the communities we work with, and at the same time repays this support by providing training, apprenticeships and employment to members of these communities. We believe that we are all one big family and we work hard to support this community. We find qualified employees and love our company to support families throughout the Washington area. We are extremely proud of the products we have built since 1991.

In five years, how will F&L see itself?

F&L: We intend to lead and develop together with the industry; use the most advanced technology to provide real-time service status, while providing a renewable energy plan to transfer waste from landfills. F&L will take the lead and implement these technologies, similar to our pioneering plan in the Green Building Sustainability Program, which changes the way construction waste is managed in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Lori Sullivan is the vice president of Hauler Operations at Rubicon. To stay ahead of the new global partnerships and cooperation announced by Rubicon, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us immediately.

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