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Zero Waste initiative in Coventry, England

The zero waste initiative in Coventry, England.

Here, we have an example of an inclusive zero waste initiative that brings together social participants to organize the phasing out of waste in our society. In October 1999, at a public meeting discussing green and low-carbon alternatives to large-scale waste incinerators, John McGiggan, Coventry’s director of urban development, proposed a challenge to find an economical and economical long-term solution to waste. plan. And it is environmentally feasible.

In 2010 and 2020, the "Zero Waste Initiative" has begun to take shape. It brings together people from major fields or is interested in developing "waste" as a resource. More than one hundred people from public institutions such as WRAP and DEFRA, local business and commerce, environmental and recycling groups, garden organics, councillors and officials, community groups, professional groups, and academics from two local universities attended the meeting. Several conferences were held during the year, one of which was the following 5-minute video produced by the “Building Research and Innovation Network” (BRAIN) Department of Coventry University, in which Professor Paul Connett described the basis of an appropriate zero-waste strategy.

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