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Tips for a zero waste Carnival

Tips for Zero Waste Carnival

How to have more fun with less waste

One of the most colorful and interesting celebrations of the year is coming, and it’s time to get ready! Carnivals are held in many parts of the world. It usually includes music, dances, parties, people wearing exquisite costumes and picky accessories, colorful decorations everywhere, and spectacular street parades. This is a pleasant combination of eyes, heart and soul! So, who doesn't like it, right?

Nevertheless, although this is an amazing festival, Carnival is also a time when a lot of garbage is generated all over the world, especially in places where large-scale celebrations are held. Usually, at the end of each day of celebration, the streets are very dirty, full of plastic cups, packaging, clothing, accessories and all the typical decorations of that time of the year.

The good news is: we can be happy, have fun, enjoy the celebration, and reduce waste at the same time! This is a (non-exhaustive) list of tips for the Zero Waste Carnival.

Upgrade your costume!

A beautiful piece of clothing is only used once or a few times a year, and then forgotten in the closet for the rest of the year. This is a huge waste of creativity, resources, energy and money, right? Here are some ideas to give your outfit a new look:

Reuse/DIY: Why not use what you already have to make your clothes? If you have clothes that you don't use in your daily life, Carnival is a good opportunity to take them out of your closet! Unleash your creativity, reinvent them, and create your own original and unique costumes by upgrading your clothes, mixing pieces and accessories, or saving old clothes from previous carnivals. Let your imagination drive you, go crazy!

Borrow/Exchange: Another good option is to borrow clothes from friends. You can borrow or exchange the clothes that you have in the previous carnival, or you can piece together your clothes by matching and exchanging clothes and accessories. This is a great way to create unique costumes, share materials and ideas together, while having fun and helping each other!

Rent: If you are very busy and don't have much time to create your own disguise, or don't have much creativity for the time being, you can rent a costume anytime! There are many rental shops offering all kinds of beautiful clothes for (re)use.

Flash: a micro project with a macro impact

Don't be misled by its size, attractive luster and beautiful colors: glitter is not as harmless as it seems. Traditional flashes are made of plastic (crude oil) and contain toxic substances that need to be decomposed for life. In addition, because it is a tiny microplastic particle, it is impossible to collect it. It is easy to spread. After dripping from the human body, it will eventually enter our environment, oceans and rivers, polluting our ecosystem and affecting biodiversity. , Because many animals confuse it with food and ingest it.

In addition, scientists have recently expressed concern about plastic particles in the air and their possible effects on the human respiratory and circulatory system.

Therefore, if you want to celebrate the carnival with peace of mind, you must not use traditional flash. What are the alternatives?

DYI: If you want to use something to add interest to your style, or give you a little sparkle (of course on your own basis!) you can make your own ecological sparkle! A simple and easy mixture of salt or sugar with a few drops of liquid food coloring will produce a naturally similar glitter texture and effect. There are many DIY natural flash recipes, such as this one.

Ecological glitter: If you don't have time to make your own glitter, there are already many brands selling ecological glitter made from natural ingredients, such as sugar or minerals (such as mica powder).

Avoid the wrong solution: Be careful that flash brands mark their products as ecological/sustainable and claim that their flashes are biodegradable. This type of plastic can only be biodegraded in certain industrial facilities, not in the natural environment, so please don't be fooled: they are not a solution to plastic pollution, as they appear.

Remember: there is nothing more shining than you! It's always good to remember that you don't need anything to shine during the carnival.

BYOC: Bring your own cup!

Like many other large street and outdoor celebrations, the carnival is accompanied by the consumption and disposal of a large number of disposable beverage cups, mainly made of plastic.

This poses a major challenge to our environment: disposable plastic cups are one of the 10 most common items on European beaches. They are often littered and have a major impact on the plastic pollution crisis.

To avoid relying on disposable plastic cups, please prepare your favorite reusable cups when you go out for a party. By bringing your own reusable cups, you do not need to use disposable cups when ordering beer, juice, water or any beverage. For example, you can hang a cup or mug on your wallet, or hang it around your neck as a necklace. In addition, you can even pick a beautiful cup that matches your outfit and use it as a fashion accessory as part of your unique outfit creation!

At the end of the day, you will find that drinking from your own cup is much more enjoyable than drinking from a disposable plastic cup.

Ultimate suit

Disposable cups are not the only disposable plastic products that contaminate our carnival: disposable tableware (forks, knives, spoons) and straws cause exactly the same problems.Therefore, in order to get rid of disposable plastic products in this carnival, be sure to carry a small tool bag with some essential items, such as reusable tableware and reusable straws. You can take the ordinary metal tableware you already have at home with you, or you can buy bamboo tableware yourself, which are both light and travel-friendly. Regarding reusable straws, you can find many alternatives made of glass, metal or bamboo.

It is also always useful to carry paper towels and wrap some snacks or snacks, such as sandwiches, biscuits, nuts, or anything you want to eat on the way.

These items can be easily stuffed into your bag without taking up too much space. A simple and simple technique, so you don't need to worry about disposable supplies when you are hungry!

Last but not least: get the trash can right!

If you read this, you will definitely put any rubbish generated during the carnival (and of course in your life) in the correct trash can, but it is always good to remember!

All in all, reducing waste and environmental impact is not too difficult, you just need to plan ahead and try new habits. If waste can ruin your party, the good news is that many solutions are ready.

We hope you enjoy our tips and wish you an amazing zero waste carnival!

The good news is: we can be happy, have fun, enjoy the celebration, and reduce waste at the same time!

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