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Town Haul Rewind: Benji Backer

Town Haul Rewind: Benji Backer

Although he does not have his own TikTok account, Benji Backer of the U.S. Union for Conservation of Nature is a typical Gen Z. He is young, passionate, and tirelessly working to make positive changes for our planet.

Benji and his team are leading grassroots ecological awareness education on university campuses and government halls. Host Amy Koonin Taylor sat down with Backer to talk about climate change, building a bipartisan bridge, and his love for Aaron Rodgers.

Regarding the reasons for the establishment of the U.S. Conservation League:

BENJI BACKER: "When we founded the organization, the most recent poll showed that 36% of Republicans believed in climate change, but when they got a market-based solution, the approval rating jumped to 70 among conservatives who believed in climate change. %. So almost doubled. Therefore, the partisan issue of climate change has nothing to do with climate change. It has to do with the proposed solution.

We know that this is a problem that will have serious consequences today. There will be more serious consequences in the future, and we don't have time for partisanship. Therefore, when we formed the organization, we covered a wide range of issues, climate change is one of them, but not really the top priority. But in the past few years, climate change has become our top priority because we see a huge opportunity for cross-party climate reform. "

Regarding the influence of grassroots activism:

BENJI BACKER: "What really makes us successful is our grassroots members. In these hundreds of chapters, we have thousands of members across the country. They are the people who keep contacting their elected officials, who are in their daily lives. Continue to become better consumers and push the company to do more. They are political advocates, they are educating their friends, and they are participating in our call to action. We are building communities across the country and are willing to take steps A big step and a possible cleaner future composed of the smartest and boldest advocates.

The only way we can tackle climate change is for grassroots activists to raise their voices. We will not resolve it through the news media reporting on it. We will not solve it by shouting out a few members of Congress. We will not solve it by talking about it in Hollywood. These are all helpful, but the most helpful are the grassroots activists who are changing trends on many different issues. They are now doing this for climate change, and they are doing it on behalf of our organization. "

Regarding supporting companies to offset carbon impact:

BENJI BACKER: "I try to support airlines that do their best to offset the impact and find ways to look to the future and see how they can solve this problem through innovation. For me, this is supporting companies like Delta , And offset my carbon footprint when I fly. Although it’s not perfect, it does take a big step in the right direction to offset your carbon footprint when flying, and in many cases, only one round trip $5 to $10. These are just some easy-to-apply methods that you can do in many aspects of life."

On his most memorable Halloween costume:

BENJI BACKER: "My girlfriend really makes me sad. I pretend to be a factory and put the words nuclear and danger on my chest. I tried to become a nuclear power plant. It was embarrassing, but I did. ."

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