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Town Haul Rewind: Kyle Parsons, Founder of Indosole

Town Haul Rewind: Kyle Parsons, founder of Indosole

After an eye-opening in Bali, Indosole founder Kyle Parsons decided to work on solving the global problem of tire waste while developing some of the most comfortable and sustainable footwear on the market. Host Amy Koonin Taylor and Parsons talked about the brand's journey, conscious consumerism, and how big ideas can bring big changes.

The inspiration behind Indosole sandals:

KYLE PARSONS: "I need a new pair of sandals in Bali. I went to several boutiques and looked for a unique pair of sandals, maybe sandals with natural braids, or sandals that truly represent Bali. When I found them At the time, they have a natural weave on the top, but there is a tire on the sole. This is a thick tire from a motorcycle, which I have never seen before. There is a vision around it. After doing some research, I found that tire pollution is One of the biggest problems, but no one realizes that it is a problem. There is not much education about tire pollution. So the timing seems to be right [and] need to learn more about waste tires and their environmental impact."

Regarding the challenges of working with overseas teams during the COVID-19 pandemic:

KYLE PARSONS: "Our core team still lives in Bali, where we have a flagship store, we have an office, and I have a great team to help manage the business. Once the COVID hits, the challenges are many. Therefore, The first is our distribution channels. We saw the wholesale business and retailers shut us down almost overnight. It was too difficult. So we felt a little stuck there. Of course, like everyone, we started to lick the wounds. , Re-evaluate what we are going to do, and guide it as much as possible through our website. We have passed 2020, and what can’t kill you will make you stronger. In 2021, we have a new perspective here."

About where he saw Indosole five years later:

KYLE PARSONS: "Well, as far as eco-fashion is concerned, things are evolving rapidly, and we are really happy to see many other brands join in. We like to think that we have entered the game early and are doing our best to continue to develop. Yes A niche that turns one’s trash into someone else’s treasure, we just go deep into the landfill, trying to find more cool materials to make more things. This is really the next step, let Indosole go beyond The use of tires, and the implementation of other materials, it will be very interesting."

In his morning routine:

Kyle Parsons: "Coffee, if there are waves, I will be surfing!"

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