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Town Haul Rewind: Sarah Paiji Yoo

Town Haul Rewind: Sarah Paiji Yoo

After becoming a mother, Blueland founder and CEO Sarah Paiji Yoo began her journey to reduce personal plastic consumption. After studying all the harmful plastics and chemicals in the ocean, houses and even the stomach, Sarah tried to change the way we clean. Our host Amy Koonin Taylor and Paiji-Yoo talked about her revolutionary environmentally friendly cleaning products and Blueland’s mission for a clean home and a clean planet via Skype!

About Blueland’s creative inspiration:

SARAH PAIJI YOO: "I am a novice mother. It suddenly occurred to me that there are microplastics in the foods and formulas I make for babies, because all the plastics that we are consuming as a society are now collapsing. These plastic fragments are too small. It cannot be filtered out. Now it is present in the water we drink and the food we eat. For example, just last month, a new study showed that, on average, we eat plastic equivalent to the value of a credit card every week. Therefore, For Blueland, we are trying to reimagine traditional household cleaning products and personal care products to eliminate the need for such plastic packaging. The first set of products we launched is a set of cleaning sprays. Therefore, multi-surface cleaners, bathroom Cleaners and glass and mirror cleaners. I mean, if you think about these cleaners, they have a water content of more than 95%. So what we did was to reduce these cleaners to nickel-sized tablets. For example, These pills are 300 times lighter and 200 times smaller than a whole bottle of Windex. It works on the principle that you only need to buy one of our bottles. Our bottles are beautiful and can be used repeatedly."

About cradle-to-cradle certification:

SARAH PAIJI YOO: "It is important for us to ensure that we are building the environment in the right way from the very beginning. We cooperate with Cradle to Cradle, which is the most comprehensive evaluation and certification program in the world, and cooperate with They work closely together to source and manufacture everything from our bottles to wrapping paper. Therefore, the wrapping paper surrounding our tablets is indeed a labor of love. We are really working hard to eliminate the supply chain and carefully consider the entire supply chain From start to production, all the way to thinking about end of life and disposal, and the reason why it’s important to us, the reason we work with organizations like Cradle to Cradle is that we don’t want to focus too much on what we’re trying to be great. "

Regarding how social media can help spread environmental information:

SARAH PAIJI YOO: "Social is great. I really believe that this is the best thing that has happened in marketing recently, because it is a place where people naturally spend time and just look for information. This is just a simple, leisurely, A great way to interact with consumers in interesting ways. For us, this is just a good platform for us to raise people’s awareness of small ways to reduce plastic consumption, but again, keep it relaxed, fun and entertaining. But the most The important thing is that I think we have such an opportunity to educate and further empower people, they can take many very simple steps and truly celebrate progress instead of pursuing perfection."

Plastic-free Friday on Instagram:

SARAH PAIJI YOO: "What we do for Plastic Free Friday is to follow a person. Every Friday we have a person who takes over our Instagram account and our story. He or she will take us through their entire day and Focusing on two steps, he or she tries to reduce plastic consumption, but also emphasizes the mistakes that happen unintentionally in the process. I think in this process, we really emphasized the many important skills we can share with consumers Some."

Regarding a career suggestion that has been bothering her:

SARAH PAIJI YOO: "If you jump, the net will appear."

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