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Town Haul Rewind: Shane Keough

Town Haul Rewind: Shane Keough

From growing up on reality shows and baseball fields to passionate pursuit of making the world a better place, Shane Keough is an inspiring breath of fresh air. Hosts Amy Koonin Taylor and Keough sat down to discuss the future of environmental sustainability in sports.

On how his sustainable development agency got its name:

SHANE KEOUGH: "So WeGoFor2 is a sustainable development organization. So obviously, growing up in sports, especially in baseball, when you play two balls, you are stretching what you already have in the bank , Like a first run, but you want more. Just like that basic hit, you have deposited it in the bank. Your hit will be counted in your statistics. Let's expand it. Let's see What else can you do. I think when I started that company, I was looking at the name and I always said "we". We have to do this. We have to get together. You can do this with us . We are together. It’s very team-oriented. I think, wait a minute. That’s it. We all have to go to both. We all have to spend a little bit more. We have to go a little bit further. Then it’s obvious, this It’s a nod to us all trying to stay below two degrees Celsius. Trying to keep our planet at a habitable level."

About the feeling of visiting the landfill:

SHANE KEOUGH: "This is one of the things you think is ready. You can watch videos, you can see pictures, you can see how they are constructed charts, but when you are really there and you stand in what you think is just a When you’re on an ordinary hillside, you’re looking for this grand canyon where they dumped, and it hit you. The basin below is visually low. But in fact, there are ten more landfills under your feet. . Just to let you know that you are standing 15 stories higher than the baseline. So you are thinking about it, you are like, wait a minute. I’m on a 30-story garbage building, and this landfill is only 30% The trash is filled up. This is when you really see these tiny, half-second choices between one trash can, another trash can, plastic bottles or reusable bottles. When you see Until their final result, it is difficult to truly understand what these choices mean or how much impact they have."

On how minor league baseball embraces environmental sustainability:

SHANE KEOUGH: "So from a perspective, there are 160 minor league teams in the country. They have more than 10,000 live online matches every year, and more than 40 million fans stand up and sit in their seats every year. Obviously, this will not be the case this year. .But you see some organizations, the Spokane Indians are really, really trying to work with local utility companies to do composting, recycling and all these things. The Sacramento River Cats is a triple-A team and they are in Solar energy has done a lot of great things. But some organizations have gone out and invested millions of dollars in solar energy or LEDs and water recycling. So the team really wants to make an effort."

About his daily environmental habits:

SHANE KEOUGH: "Reusable bottles. I don't remember when I bought a water bottle last time. I use a canteen or a cup or anything else. This is a sustainability initiative I tried to take about four years ago. I When I use up the water bottle, I will reuse it as much as possible. Then it will trickle down from there."

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