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Occasionally someone asks why they sell second-hand curtains for replacement curtains, as if their quality is worse than new curtains?

This is because they only accept curtains in good condition-preferably new ones. Having been in the second-hand curtain industry for more than 20 years, they have seen some wonderful and unique works that have a long service life-they have sold full-length curtains under the names of designers such as Romo, Henry Bertrand, Colefax and Fowler. Curtains, Bennison, Osborne and Little, Andrew Martin, Pierre Frey, Sanderson, William Morris, Harlequin, etc. They also saw some truly unique hand-woven and hand-printed fabrics from France and Italy. Restored antique bridal pendants from Uzbekistan and stunning French cloque silk works. Why would anyone want those to go to the landfill!

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