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The returned goods end up in a landfill

Every year, 5 billion pounds of waste are generated through returns. This is something I have never considered! The goods I return may end up in landfill! ! I always thought that the shoes I sent back were too small or an itchy pullover...Read more

Reject recycled fiber

Repreve is a high-quality recycled fiber made from plastic bottles, used in the textile industry. Billions of plastic bottles are sent to landfills every year, and Unifi enables Repreve to recycle more than 14 billion plastic bottles...Read more

All the flashes........!

If you have a child in your family, then you will know everything about flash. Children love it, and the crafting activities would be different if there is no sparkle. There is no doubt that you will also learn...Read more

The waterfall starts with a drop of water

We are all worried about the future of our world, complaining about the current state of the country, climate change, pollution, war, politics, etc. This makes us feel so frustrated and helpless. what can we do? Avoid... read more

The kids are great!

Okay, don't we know? Our children are the future, and we have a responsibility to ensure that we leave a sustainable world for their future. So when I see more and more children are accepting...Read more

latest news

Restoring old sneakers-Stoke's soles

If your favorite sneakers look old and dirty, you don’t need to rush to replace them. Entrepreneur Lance Birchall from Stoke-on-Trent has restored his old sneakers! What started as a hobby...Read more

Mascara brush

For all mascara users, don't throw away old mascara brushes or sticks when they become clogged or when mascara runs out! The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge found that these little brushes are great for grooming their... Read more

Contact Lens Recycling Program

Research commissioned by Johnson & Johnson found that one in five contact lens wearers flushed used lenses into the toilet or sink. These little plastic fragments that are almost invisible will eventually enter the waterways... Read more

Ocean plastic pollution

Many items that people use every day contain plastic. Despite its many benefits, the excessive use of plastic is causing serious damage to the environment, especially the ocean. For many... read more

Suez calls for reforms to recycling labels

Based on independent research, the company designed a labeling system that uses the "traffic light" color version of the existing Mobius recycling ring to show consumers whether the product can be easily recycled. Every product... read more

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