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What is a click? 5 sustainable development trends in 2019

With the official entry into the rearview mirror in 2018, we enter 2019 with a clear focus on ethical life and a more sustainable way for us as all people, small businesses, companies, and governments.

In 2019, the global sustainable development trend is taking shape in a meaningful way. Some of them may not be noticed immediately, but some will not be missed, because they will be emphasized not only in the media, but also in our daily lives.

Here are 5 sustainable trends to watch in 2019.

1. Sustainable Automotive Automation

As climate issues continue to grow, so does global concern about carbon emissions. As cars and trucks are the main contributors to these emissions, great progress continues to be made in the restructuring of the automotive industry. Low-emission to zero-emission cars, self-driving cars and all-electric cars are becoming more and more popular-this trend will only intensify in the coming year. According to GreenBiz, several countries are working to actively ban fossil-fuel vehicles in the next 25 years. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development estimates that autonomous vehicles can replace up to 90% of vehicles on city streets.

2. Consumers and technology will make progress in reducing plastic pollution

Solving our plastic problems is something that many organizations, companies, activists, environmentalists, governments and individuals have been doing for years-so what will be the new trends in the plastic war in 2019? The answer lies in informed consumers and changes in plastic technology. Since plastic is a versatile and affordable material, plastic waste is unlikely to be a thing of the past by December 31, 2019. the pressure they will continue to exert on their elected officials to make single-use plastics less accessible overall. If plastics can continue to exist, then it needs to keep pace with the times. Frank Killoran, Director of Customer Solutions at Rubicon, said, “Chemical recycling technology, that is, the use of chemical systems to recycle plastics and upgrade plastic waste to basic chemicals, will see substantial growth in 2019, thanks to the majority of the Chinese National Sword Plan. The industry is full of dirty waste plastics, but innovation has already happened and will continue next year. The company will work hard to build large factories that can process hundreds of tons of plastic waste being produced every day. Landfill."

3. Sustainable Agriculture

If there is one area where sustainable efforts can have a huge impact in 2019, it is agriculture. In the past few years, people have paid more and more attention to the way we produce food and have been working hard to ensure that the planting process is as beneficial to the earth as our dining table.

Future Forum Futures and Project Director James Goodman said: "The Internet of Things, remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and robotics revolutions are jointly promoting low-input, data-driven, large-scale automated agriculture to become a reality. Possibility." This is essential for more efficient use of water resources. It is good news for reducing overall waste and increasing crop yields in the next few years.

4. Increase sustainable building materials

2016-2018 showed us that if it can be made in an environmentally friendly way, then it is likely that someone will do it-and 2019 will be no exception. In recent years, although packaging and daily materials have been responsibly turning to biodegradable, compostable and fully recyclable options, there is an industry that will continue to strive for new levels of sustainable development in 2019. That is the construction industry.

Marc Spiegel, head and co-founder of Rubicon's construction and demolition department, said: "When looking at the construction and demolition industry, it is crucial to use technology to address the huge challenges of cleanup, waste and recycling. Today there are better ways to deal with building cleanup. , Instead of calling garbage companies as we did 50 years ago. Educating the public and private sectors about modern possibilities is essential to changing old habits.

In addition, the lack of special recycling facilities for construction and demolition materials means that each recycled commodity must have its own container to prevent cross-contamination. This situation makes coordination and logistics more important for users and suppliers, which is why embracing technology may become a catalyst for change in 2019 and beyond. "

5. Strengthening social action and education around sustainability

With so many risks facing the world, 2019 may be a year in which our increasingly closely connected behaviors rise to a new level in society and bring meaningful and positive changes. Change may be difficult, but we are increasingly proving that it is not necessarily a four-letter word. In the past, when we worked together, we made great achievements as a society, and in 2019, we expect to see tremendous changes.

For example, we expect to see more and more organizations working to obtain B Corporation status, an increase in LEED certification for green buildings, more cities implementing single-use plastic bans, and global policy changes aimed at making pollution almost impossible. We also It is hoped that through more responsible recycling practices, efforts to improve energy efficiency, and efforts to improve understanding of sustainable initiatives in local communities, the sustainability commitments to small businesses and individuals can be increased.

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