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Mascara Wands for Wildlife

Wild animal mascara stick

This is a great use for your old mascara stick-Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is a rehabilitation center in western North Carolina dedicated to caring for injured and orphaned animals. They use mascara sticks to comb the fur of wild animals, remove fly eggs and larvae, lice and fleas, and remove any dirt, dust or sand.

Cleaning small animals is important because it enables workers to check and treat them for injuries. The wand would have been wasted, but it worked well because the bristles were close together and gentle enough to even be used on animals with sensitive fur or feathers.

The wand can also be used to clean the syringe used to feed small animals.

Download the recycling form .PDF to send with your old cleaning and disinfecting mascara stick.

Check the correct postage required (please do not send packages without postage) and mail them to:

Appalachian Wildlife Refuge

P.O. Box 1211 Mail Box,

Sky land,

NC 28776


Visit the Appalachian Wildlife Sanctuary to learn more and read their amazing work

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