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George Washington Carver Award 2019 Recipient: Ryan Cooper

Winner of the 2019 George Washington Carver Prize: Ryan Cooper

When Rubicon created the annual George Washington Carver Award, we did so on the premise that at Rubicon, we not only encourage all forms of innovation and creative thinking, but we also challenge team members to set standards and their personal goals, high .

In everything we do as a company, this focus on innovation and "out of the box" thinking is a core part of our thinking when considering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. For this reason, I’m happy to share with you that Ryan Cooper, Rubicon’s waste transfer manager and head of organic recycling, has been appointed Rubicon’s 2019 George Washington Carver Award winner.

Ryan embodies what it means to be a Rubicon employee. This peer-nominated award recognizes those pioneers in the company who bring fresh thinking and innovation to everything they do. The George Washington Carver Award aligns with our core values, accepting learning and new ideas, and commending team members in the company who challenge the status quo and make an impact through innovation.

Why Ryan

Ryan Cooper often speaks at conferences and events, and writes articles on topics such as food waste recycling, organic matter and composting, and anaerobic digestion for the Rubicon blog. A group of his colleagues nominated for the George Washington Carver Award.

To support his nomination, Wren Unger, Director of Key Accounts, said: “Ryan Cooper is always looking for solutions to transfer our customers’ food waste from landfills. From working with local farmers to finding the latest on-site technology, Ryan Cooper He is a trusted expert in his field.” Wren continued, “Recently, Ryan suggested sending the food waste of one of our major customers to an anaerobic digester, but the initial treatment cost was too high. Ryan continued to handle this case In the end, the supplier reduced the cost, and now we have been able to provide customers with this option, which is a lot less expensive than sending their food waste to the landfill."

When asked how Ryan represents the spirit of Rubicon, Wren pointed out: "Ryan is a great resource for all of us Rubicon, and he is always willing to help others in any way. Because of his hard work and dedication to eliminating waste, He is respected by his peers and suppliers."

Although his job at Rubicon is demanding, Ryan did not let his busy schedule interfere with the support of his community. He participates in volunteer and community activities to further educate and encourage best practices in waste elimination. He often speaks at events such as the Waste Expo, Waste Conversion Technology Conference and Trade Show (WCTC) and Southeast Recycling Conference and Trade Show (SERC). ).

Congratulations Ryan! On behalf of the entire Rubicon team, it is an honor to work with you to complete our mission to end all forms of waste.

Charles Zinkowski is the communications director of Rubicon. To stay ahead of the new global partnerships and cooperation announced by Rubicon, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us immediately.

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