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Zero Waste Cashel wins silver at the LAMA Awards for Best Waste Management

Zero Waste Cashel won the Silver Award in the LAMA Best Waste Management Award

At the 2019 Annual LAMA All-Ireland Community and Council Awards,

Our membership organization VOICE won the silver award in the best waste management category. Their show "Towards Zero Waste Cashel" stood out among the 150 contestants and 100 projects presented that night.

This award-winning project lasted from 2017 to July 2018 and is a zero waste pilot project in cooperation with the City of Cashel. The goal is to reduce waste by 25% at the city level through different projects such as waste reduction education, maintenance, reuse and upgrade cycles, homemade products, composting and other different projects.

In the past year, they successfully installed Ireland's first street recycling bin, held a zero waste festival, organized a reuse month, and created an online map of the Cashel Zero Waste Project, among many other achievements.

This is Ireland’s first zero-waste urban experience, and thanks to its new awareness community movement, VOICE is now spreading it across the country, hoping that it can inspire other cities to commit to zero-waste.

"We have received a lot of support from local groups, businesses and individuals who want to start a zero-waste journey. We hope that the lessons we have learned and the experience we have will be translated into other zero-waste plans across the country," Mindy O' Brien said,

Project Coordinator.

Our European Zero Waste Organization is extremely proud of the VOICE award, and we believe it will help them work at the national level. marvelous!

We are very pleased that this project has been recognized nationwide. This has drawn attention to zero waste, and we hope that other communities can draw inspiration from some of our achievements.

Derry O’Donnell, Voice Project Manager

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