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Zero Waste Europe Open letter to EU leaders

Zero Waste in Europe Open letter to EU leaders

Open the envelope

Please note:

Ms. Ursula Vonderlein, President of the European Commission

Mr. David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament

Mr. Charles Michel, President of the Council of Europe

Mr. Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President

Topic: COVID-19 recovery under the framework of green trading and circular economy-there is no time to waste

Dear Ms. Von der Lein,

Dear Mr. David Sassoli,

Dear Mr. Charles Michel,

Dear Mr. Frans Timmermans,

We hope this letter will keep you and your family healthy.

As a European civil society network dedicated to achieving zero waste in Europe, we are writing to you today, asking you to redouble your efforts to implement the European Green Agreement and ambitious circular economy.

The COVID-19 crisis will require a restructuring plan, and the recovery of the EU economy is a top priority. Experience has shown that an economy that has served the people for a long time needs to work hand-in-hand with the environment, not at the expense of the environment.

We are very concerned about how some conservative industries and groups are prepared to use any crisis as an excuse to stop, delay, hinder or even overturn much-needed policies. These groups use false narratives that we need to choose between the economy and the environment.

Our daily experience is that a truly effective economy creates local jobs in European SMEs without pollution, establishes a social support system and solidarity, and is also an economy that is interested in building natural capital. These measures require legal protection, financial support and political direction provided by the European Green Agreement and the European circular economy.

In the past few years, we have seen a wave of transformation at the local level in the way we manage resources in Europe, and this should not be stopped or delayed.

This letter is a call from organizations working on the ground with hundreds of European cities to facilitate the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy: we hope the EU will do more, act faster, and ensure a COVID-19 recovery plan Build on existing plans and strategies.

Given the way we manage our resources, more may happen after the COVID-19 crisis, and the climate crisis is just one example. As long as we do not address the root causes of systemic problems, it will not be possible to achieve a lasting economic recovery.

Dear European leaders, Europe is not yet ready for the COVID-19 crisis. When the climate crisis or the plastic crisis hits us harder, will it be ready?

It depends on whether you take action today and stay strong in your long-term plan. The European Green Agreement and Circular Economy Action Plan are a step in the right direction. They must be the foundation of recovery tools and drivers, and there is no time to waste.


Rosano Ercolini, President

Joan Marc Simon, Executive Director

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