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Zero Waste present in World Resources Forum in Peru

Zero waste in Peru World Resources Forum.

In October 2014, Mr. Richard Anthony, Chairman of the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA), and Ms. Ana Carvalho, a member of the Board of Directors, organized, hosted and presented a seminar attended by approximately 250 participants at the World Resources Forum (WRF). Arequipa, Peru. Mr. William Worrell of San Luis Obispo, California and Ms. Colleen Foster of Oceanside also made speeches. The seminar introduced the concept of zero waste, its importance and how to realize it.

WRF includes examples from different communities and programs around the world. At a scientific meeting of the forum, Ms. Carvalho published "Zero Waste: The World's Sustainable Growth and Development Process". As the final document of the forum, Mr. Anthony and Mr. Worrell, a member of the WRF Science Committee, prepared the final summary of the zero waste workshop.

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