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A Zero Waste month in Sweden: 4 people = less than 1kg of waste !

Zero Waste Month in Sweden: 4 people = less than 1 kg of waste!

How much garbage is generated in a month? Pål Mårtensson is a zero waste man from Sweden, where he runs the famous Kretsloppsarken reuse and recycling park, and he decided to personally check how much waste his family of four generates.

In a month, Pål separated, measured and weighed the different waste parts, and the results were amazing in many ways: “It’s easy, there is no odor (careful cleaning), when you look at it almost every day It, and you have to be careful not to dispose of it as a waste but as a resource. Of the nearly 60 kg of "waste", only 0.9 kg I cannot dispose of it satisfactorily (it may be incinerated or buried). I am very happy There is very little left for the burner. If everyone is used to my example, they will have no waste." Pal said.

Want to see details?

Project December 5-12-2011 – 3-1-2012

Paper (kg) 4,3 Recycled plastic (kg) 5,3 Recycled glass (kg/pcs) 7,9 23 Recycled pets (pcs) 1,3 22 Deposit tank (pcs) 0,8 7 Deposit metal (kg/pcs) 1 Recycled magazines (kg)) 0,3 Recycled old tea (liters) 5,9 Drained old coffee (liters) 2,1 Drained light bulbs (pcs) 0,1 1 Recycled textiles (kg) 1,4 Recycled envelopes ( Kg) 0,2 recycling/burning electronics (kg) 1,2 recycling leftovers/leftovers (kg) 0,9 burning/burying (0,9kg leftovers/leftovers) (candles, rags, ropes, tampons) , Glossy paper) a total of 59,3 kg "waste" a month

Therefore, for a family of 4 people, Pål’s family has already produced 60 kilograms in one month including Christmas and New Year. An average of 15 kg per person, of which only 1.6% cannot be composted, reused or recycled!

If we look at Eurostat's statistics on Sweden, we will find that in 2009, Sweden burned 49% of its waste and landfilled 1%. This means that the average Swedes produce about 40 times as much waste as Pål, or most of the waste burned by the Swedish waste management system is actually recyclable. The answer may be somewhere in between...

Of course, the above-mentioned experience is not representative (except for just one example, Pål’s family produces 180 kg per person per year, while the average in Sweden is 480 kg) but it does show how to live in a more sustainable way. Possibility, and if all Swedes will follow Pål's approach, have the ability to shut down all incinerators and radically increase recycling and composting.

The experience of zero waste across Europe confirms that what Pål does can be repeated, which shows that, in the final analysis, it is up to us to make zero waste possible!

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