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Zero Waste reaches the Baltic sea!  Kiel is the first German municipality committing to go Zero Waste

Zero waste reaches the Baltic Sea! Kiel is the first German city dedicated to achieving zero waste

"Tonight officially marks Keele's decision to embark on the path of zero waste. This is a great milestone and a good start.

Thanks to the organization of the Kiel Waste Management Organization and the first podium discussion with Kiel experts on the Zero Waste City. "

Marie Delaperrière Zero Waste Kiel e.V.

On November 22, the city of Kiel officially entered the road to a zero-waste city.

Two months ago, the city council voted to transform their city into a leader in waste prevention and management in Germany.

Kiel is already considered a "clean city", but under the influence and support of the local zero waste association Kiel e.V.,

It decided to further implement a waste classification system. After all, there is no better way to keep the city clean

From waste instead of not producing waste in the first place.

Therefore, the association decided in February to convene the municipal government and proposed a zero waste roadmap

Just as their twin city San Francisco did. This roadmap has been embedded in the Zero Waste City Guidance and Recognition Plan

Operated by members of Zero Waste Europe and the entire African continent. So far, 400 cities have participated in and developed zero waste

Strategies at the local level, some of which are front runners and leading examples.

Eight months later, the project will be officially launched during a meeting during the European Waste Reduction Week.

Kiel Waste Management Company ABK organized lectures, discussions, booth and podium discussions, and discussions

Zero waste concept for the city. The meeting started with an inspiring speech by the mayor, Dr. Ulf Kämpfer.

Kiel is a climate-protected city that has signed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and as a coastal city, it is actively committed to avoiding plastic waste. These are just three examples of our commitment to oppose unnecessary waste and energy waste.

Now, we hope to surpass and become the first zero-waste city in Germany-or at least one of the earliest cities. Having Germany’s first unpackaged store and the first registered zero-waste non-profit organization in Kiel clearly shows that our city has the necessary participation to achieve this goal.

Ulf Kämpfer, Mayor of Kiel

The city has always been a pioneer in waste management, and it does not intend to stop there. Zero waste Kiel will promote

Initiated a national German movement called "Zero Waste in Germany" formed by a network of non-governmental organizations

As a member of Zero Waste Europe, we are committed to zero waste.

"Waste is one of the most serious environmental problems today. We firmly believe that the vision of zero waste is the solution!

We are very pleased that the city of Kiel has decided to make it one of its priorities by working on this path.

Kiel can be a role model for more cities in Germany and Europe. Germany’s zero waste pledges to support these steps".

Marie Delaperrière represents the upcoming German Zero Waste Network.

Needless to say, Zero Waste Europe encourages action at the local level and congratulates the city of Kiel on its commitment

And hope it can inspire other German cities to do the same.

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