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Zero Zabor - new Zero Waste groups in the Basque Country

Zero Zabor-the new zero waste group in the Basque Country.

A new zero waste organization has emerged in the Basque Country. Drawing lessons from Usurbil’s experience, the city achieved 88% of individual collection only two years after implementing door-to-door collection. After the municipalities of Hernani and Oiartzun joined this single collection system, seven new groups were led by citizens, Zero Zabor The (zero waste) group appeared in the Guipúzcoa region of the Basque Country in Spain.

Usurbil was the first to challenge the separate collection of containers by road (the realization rate is always below 40%) and decided to implement a door-to-door system. Hernani (20.000hab) and Oiartzun followed this example a year later, and currently all three of them are in more than 75% of their separate collections.

However, the Guipuzcoa region still insists on building incinerators, and in view of the success of the Zero Zabor experience, it has accelerated the work of preventing other cities from joining the zero waste model. In addition, the Guipúzcoa region refused to increase the current composting capacity of 2.500 tons, while the separately collected 4.400 tons of high-quality organic waste cannot be composted-as required by the European waste classification.

However, the concept of zero waste has not only been supported by some participating municipalities, but also by civic groups, who have worked tirelessly to promote that reducing waste and increasing recycling are not only necessary but also possible. By copying the experience of Hernani, Oiartzun and others pioneered by Usurbil and followed closely, Guipuzkoa can create more jobs, less pollution and more local economy, and save 400 million euros in new unnecessary Cost of the incinerator. In Guipuzcoa, a battle between the past and the future is taking place between those who want to burn waste and those who want to reuse and recycle resources. The zero waste strategy demonstrates alternatives to obsolete technologies at the end of the pipeline. With the new group in the Basque Country and the existing Catalan zero waste network, Spain is advancing change.

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