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EAST COAST RUSTIC Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Panels - Easy Install Rustic Wood DIY Wall Covering for Feature Walls (20 Sq Ft - 5.5" Wide, Grey)

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Brand: East Coast Rustic

Color: Gray


  • 100% of "Our" Wall Decor Boards are sourced from East Coast Century old barns being carefully dismantled to preserve all the authentic old world character and charm you are looking for.
  • EASY DO IT YOURSELF installation *NO POWER TOOLS NEEDED* makes for a great weekend project to add an Accent Wall or Ceiling to a Living room, Bedroom, Family Room, Hall, Bathroom or Kitchen. Use on bars and backsplashes. Contemporary to Rustic Farmhouse Decor our Wood Planks are a perfect fit. See description for more installation details.
  • East Coast Rustic's Highest Quality products go through a special "Proprietary" process to dry, clean, machine and restore each wood strip to its full potential bringing to life all the character, original saw marks, wear patterns, texture, colors, tones, nail holes, knots, and even some initials left by the owners.
  • WHAT YOU GET is 20 square feet of wood planks 5.5" wide and 0.32" thick, TWICE what most others are, allowing for more character and weathering and a more 3-dimensional wall and sturdier to handle. 100% usable wood. Lengths from 6"- 48"(27-36% 48" long). That will cover a wall space measuring 4ft x 5ft for example.
  • HOW MUCH DO I NEED is easy. Measure the wall height say 8 ft and the length say 12' - 6" , (round up to 13ft) so 8 x 13 =104 square feet. Allow 5% more for cutting pieces to fit. So 104 + 5 = 109 sq ft. You would order 6 boxes (120 sq. ft.) The extra will allow you to choose some pieces you might not like as much to suit your design style or decor.

Details: At EAST COAST RUSTIC we only use authentic Reclaimed Barn Boards in our products. Our dedicated team of craftsmen take great care in preparing the best possible product for our customers. We try to leave in as much character (nail holes, knots, saw marks etc.) as possible without compromising our quality. The extra thickness of our product allows for more weathering and wearing, coupled with slight variations in thickness gives your finished wall a true to life 3-dimensional look. Lots of character. Each plank is 100 % usable precision cut and ready to apply. INSTALLING IS VERY EASY; Each box contains step by step instructions. You only need a few hand tools. We suggest a miter box and saw kit, keyhole saw (if cutting around plugs or switches), measuring tape, pencil, caulking gun (for adhesive) and a simple hot glue gun (with heavy-duty glue sticks). FIRST, when your order arrives , put it in the room you will be installing it, remove the bundles from the boxes but DO NOT CUT THE PLASTIC WRAPPING off the bundles. Leave them strapped together to acclimatize to the room conditions for 72 HOURS. Wash down the walls to give the glue a good clean surface to bond to and let dry for 24 hours. Before you start unwrap several bundles and lay the planks on the floor to see the colour, sizes and texture of the pieces. Decide how you want to arrange them first, then start at the bottom of the wall and work your way up the wall, completing each row before starting another. Apply a liberal amount of adhesive in a “Wavy” pattern and 4-6 dots of hot glue at the corners and center of the plank. Then simply place it on the wall, push tight, hold for 3-5 seconds and then repeat with your next plank. Use the miter saw and box to cut the end pieces to the length you need to finish the row. Repeat all the way to the top. Don’t forget to order our edge trim, which is made so that all exposed edges are covered showing only rough reclaimed wood and no saw cuts in brown or grey.

EAN: 0628055642343

Package Dimensions: 48.5 x 6.5 x 4.4 inches