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MULTUS: Perfect Deer Drag Fast & Easy to use Durable Safety Reflective Orange Strap Compact Comfort Grip Handle Game Dragger and Hunting Gear

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Color: Orange


  • You can make moving and lifting deer easier by secure to the antlers, head, or legs for dragging. In addition, the deer hunting gear fits in your pocket, weighs less than 4 oz and has a 400 lb. load capacity.
  • Hunters can also combine several units for dragging larger animals and for example, you can attach them in series so you can in-line tow or hunters can drag deer side by side.
  • Moreover, it can also be used to transport small game like toting turkeys, carrying geese and ducks
  • Importantly, the orange safety reflective strap improves your safety and can be used as a marker to find a location or harvested deer easier in the dark.
  • The deer pull can also be used for easier lifting deer onto an ATV and you certainly can attach the handle to the trailer hitch of the ATV to pull deer

Part Number: MULTUS 005(OHOR)

Details: The Perfect Deer Drag makes moving, lifting and dragging deer easier. Are you are a Do It Yourself Hunter? There is a value to anything that makes the hunting experience easier. To clarify, awkward and heavy lifting on a deer after the harvest can be a real strain on the joints and lower back. The deer dragger most importantly allows you to lift smarter in an upright position with better pulling power and control to above all make work easier and reduce costly injuries. Why should you consider my product essential deer hunting gear? Most importantly, the Perfect Deer Drag helps you to reduce joint and back injuries when used correctly. For example, the comfort grip deer handle is easy to use and subsequently has already made the work needed to move deer stands, carry bags of deer corn and dragging deer easier for 1000’s of hunters. The most important benefit is allowing you to be in the best upright position when lifting, dragging or pulling. In addition, this allows you improved pulling power and control when dragging a deer. Moreover, my patented closed looped handle allows an even pull on your hands in any direction. In addition, the removable peg allows you to manipulate the length of the safety reflective orange strap for the perfect pull. The added benefit of a safety reflective strap can be used as a location marker in the dark. In conclusion, the deer dragging strap is strong, durable and most importantly allows for quick attach and release for easier deer dragging. U.S. Patent # 10,131,499

EAN: 0868771000205

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 6.0 x 1.2 inches