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Slivek 5-Blades Fireplace Stove Fan, Silent Motors Heat Powered Stove Fan with Thermometer for Wood, Log Burner, Fireplace

by Slivek
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Brand: Slivek


  • 【Upgrade 5-Blade Stove Fan】- The hot air stove fan with 5 blades can produce more warm air and improve the efficiency of the product. It is widely used in wood stove, gas stove, Log Burner, Fireplace etc. With electromagnetic thermometer can detect the working temperature at any time to ensure the safety of the furnace
  • 【Energy Efficient】- No batteries or electricity required. It is driven by the heat generated by the fireplace or wood burning stove and conducts to the fan base to drive the blades. The higher temperature of the stove, the faster the blades spin
  • 【Overheat Protection】- The built-in bimetal strip design at the bottom of the stove fan, when approaching the maximum operating temperature, the bimetal strip under the base will automatically bend to help raise the fan base and reduce the contact area of the heat source to protect the motor and the thermoelectric module
  • 【Silent Operation】 - The fan will work at less than 25db, which is very quiet. You will hear virtually no sound at all. And it improves the circulation of hot air in the room for greater comfort
  • 【Operating Temperature】- The working temperature is about 50°C-340°C (122°F-644°F), and the fan speed will be automatically adjusted according to the temperature of the stove

Details: Product Details Material: Anodized aluminum Noise: <25db Weight: 1.52lb Overall Size: 6.69x4.52x9.13inch Operating temperature:50°C - 340°C(122°F - 644°F) Withstand maximum temperature:340°C-400°C (644°F - 750°F) Package Content:Stove Fan x 1+ Stove Thermometer Magnetic x 1 Which stove to use? No matter what kind of stove you use: gas, electric stove, pellet stove or wood burning stove, catalytic stove and non-catalytic stove, etc. Working Principle Slivek stove fan operates on its own by generating heat from the surface of the stove. The base of the fan transfers heat to the power generation unit, which converts the heat into kinetic energy to drive an electric motor, and then the blades spin. Simply placed on top of the stove, the fireplace fan works when the surface of the stove is warmer. The hotter the fan base, the faster the fan spins and the room will fill with warm air. As the furnace cools, the fan will slow down and stop running. Warm Tips 1. The recommended surface temperature is 85°C - 350°C (185°F - 660°F). The maximum temperature the product can withstand is 350°C - 400°C (660°F - 750°F) . Please test the temperature of your fireplace before purchase and be sure to monitor temperature changes during use!!!! 2. When the stove fan is very hot, please do not place it on an unprotected surface, which may cause damage. 3. If you need to move or carry the stove fan, always use the retractable handle while wearing gloves. 4. Please note that the air volume of the fan is not strong, it just improves the indoor hot air circulation. 5. Keep children and infants away from stove fans when in use. 100% Guarantee If you are not completely satisfied with the order or have any questions in using the product, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to help you solve the problem.

EAN: 0759337294766

Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.1 x 4.6 inches