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Starfiber StarMop Microfiber Cleaning Pad Kit

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Brand: Starfiber


  • Set of 4 mopping pads to get your floors looking better than new
  • Includes cleaning pad, dusting pad, scrubbing pad, and polishing pad
  • Made of high-quality microfiber
  • Pole and base not included
  • Each pad measures 17.5 -inch by 5 -inch
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Binding: Kitchen

model number: amz-padkit

Part Number: amz-padkit

Details: Get all of Starfiber's microfiber mopping pads in one amazing kit. The kit includes the Heavy Duty cleaning pad, SuperDust pad, SuperScrub pad, and the All-Purpose Polishing pad. Get your floors looking good as new without using harmful chemicals. The four machine washable, reusable pads quickly attach to the Star Mop base by their Velcro backing. Safe on all hard-surface flooring. Each measures 17.5-inch by 5-inch each. Pole and base not included. The kit includes four reusable pads.Starfiber Cleaning Pad Kit IncludesSuperDust PadAll floor cleaning starts with collecting and containing larger particles on the floor. Dirt, dust, pet hair, dander and kitchen crumbs are no match for the electrostatic SuperDust pad. It’s specially designed to attract dust bunnies, pet hair just by gliding the mop back and forth across your hard-surface floor. Do not use wet.Heavy-Duty PadThe StarMop Heavy-Duty mop pad can be used for heavy duty dusting and wet mopping. Hundreds of tightly twisted microfiber fingers scour and lift dirt, dust and grime using only water to provide a deep clean, leaving floors streak-free. Works on virtually all floor surfaces. Measures 17.5 inches by 5.5 inches.SuperScrub PadThe StarMop SuperScrub is the toughest member of the Starfiber family. It chews through scuff marks on your wood floors, caked-in dirt, that sticky, dried jelly stain in the corner of your kitchen floor. Our SuperScrub pad is packed with professional grade scrubbing bristles that will remove any muck that once called your floor home. It's gentle on your floors but relentless on grease and grime.All-Purpose Polishing PadThe StarMop All-Purpose Polishing Pad is a fabulous quick-clean pad perfect for spot cleaning your kitchen floor while the in-laws are parking in your driveway or soaking up the bathroom spills from your kids' bathtub adventure. Our All-Purpose Polishing Pad cleans with minimal resistance tension, leaving you and your floor feeling refreshed.What is Starfiber Microfiber?Starfiber Microfiber is a manmade textile combining polyester and nylon. Thanks to their unique shape, Starfiber microfiber acts like a million microscopic razor blades, scouring and scraping dirt, grime and gunk off virtually any hard flooring surface, safely, using only water. Microfibers are 100 times thinner than a human hair and when manufactured using our proprietary process, they create a powerful capillary action that absorbs and contains up to 10 times its weight in water, along with all the dirt lifted from the surface. Try the Starfiber system today. Your floors will love you for it.How to Clean with MicrofiberIn order to get a quick-clean and shiny floor, you don't need to use chemicals or a vacuum cleaner. It is easy to dry-dust the floor with the Starfiber microfiber Heavy Duty Pad. You can also dust your walls and ceilings with the mop. When you're ready to deep clean your floor, dampen the Heavy Duty Pad in warm water and ring out the water before you start mopping the floor. The Heavy Duty Pad can be used on all hard flooring materials without scratching the surface. When dirty, toss your Heavy Duty Pad in the washing machine and reuse hundreds of times.About StarfiberStarfiber has made a Greener Clean commitment to manufacture high quality, environmentally responsible products. Whether it is the inherent water-saving properties of microfiber cleaning, the reduction of harmful cleaning chemicals in your house or workplace or replacing disposables with durable, long-lasting products to reduce impact on landfills, you can trust we are on the cutting edge of technology to design our way into a more sustainable future. Product Description Get all of Starfiber’s microfiber mopping pads in one amazing kit. The kit includes the heavy-duty chenille cleaning pad, the dusting pad, the scrubbing pad, and the polishing pad. Get your floors looking better than new without harmful chemicals. The four reusable pads measure 17.5-inch by 5-inch each.

EAN: 0780445000024

Package Dimensions: 9.7 x 7.2 x 2.9 inches