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Stone Cleaner by Faber -pH Neutral Cleaner for Natural Stone Floor and Grout- Concentrated Liquid for Commercial and Household Care - Mopping Solution for Daily Cleaning and Maintenance

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Brand: FABER


  • Multisurface Versatile Product -Suitable on agglomerate cement-marble, resin-marble, resin-quartz, slate, sandstone, basaltina-lava stone, molted basalt, cement tiles, concrete, cotto, granite, limestone, marble, porphry, quartzite, terracotta, travertine, tuff.
  • Hard on Dirt Gentle on Surfaces - Effective remover of dirt on stained floors yet safe on surface and grout widths for routine maintenance.
  • No Rinse -Once done washing with traditional method and equipment of choice (cloth, mop, single disc machine, wet or dry cleaner), it needs no rinsing or drying. When used at the right concentrate, it will dry naturally and leave no residues.
  • Leaves no Residues or Patina - Ideal for use indoors and outdoors, commercial and household, kitchen, bathroom and shower. By using Neutral Cleaner to maintain the surface with it's natural best all the time, you can avoid the use of heavy duty soap cleaners to rejuvenate flooring.
  • Increases Resistance to Dirt - Product's multi purpose characteristics guarantees high level surface cleaning with a fresh scent while nourishing the treated material and boosting its resistance to dirt from foot traffic

Details: For Daily Cleaning and Routine Maintenance Neutral Cleaner is a water-based pH-neutral cleaner with a concentrated formula, specifically formulated and developed for daily cleaning and routine maintenance of all floors and general surfaces covered with natural materials such as cotto, terracotta, marble, natural stone and agglomerates. Characteristics and Benefits A versatile product, suitable for use on different on different types of materials Ready to use Top-level cleaning action Effective against dirt Quick and easy application Delicate on grout widths Needs no rinsing Does not leave surface residues or patina Nourishes the materials to which it is applied Slightly increases resistance to dirt from foot traffic Very Concentrated Use over larger area! This product is extremely concentrated and therefore needs just 2-3 capfuls of Neutral Cleaner mixed with 5 liters of clean water. With 1 Liter you can cover up to 1100 m²! Leaves No Residues Neutral Cleaner contains no wax or other agents that would otherwise leave a patina or residues and which, with time would cause problems of opaqueness and trap dirt on treated surfaces. Therefore, when used at the right concentration, it requires no rinsing. Additionally, let the surface dry naturally for best results! High level cleaning Neutral Cleaner guarantees a high level cleaning when it is used at the right concentration. It has a fresh pleasant clean fragrance and it does not leave any residues, while nourishing the treated material and boosting its resistance to dirt from foot traffic.

EAN: 8027365010316

Package Dimensions: 10.8 x 6.4 x 2.8 inches