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White Wood Peel and Stick Wallpaper 15.7 in X 196 in Self Adhesive Multiple Uses Vinyl Film for Neat Clean Home Decoration Furniture Renovation

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Color: White


  • [peel and stick wallpaper]SELF-ADHESIVE and EASY TO REMOVE: The wood-grained Self-Adhesive paper is self-adhesive, no additional glue is needed, it is easy to install, just peel and stick, and the Self-Adhesive paper can be removed without leaving traces even if it is used for a long time.
  • [peel and stick wallpaper]EASY MEASUREMENT and CUTTING: This self-adhesive paper has a grid on the back for easy measurement and neat cutting
  • [peel and stick wallpaper]USE: This white grain paper can be used on smooth, clean and dry surfaces such as walls, desktops, cabinets, tiles, drawers, shelves, glass, etc. You can also DIY, stick on hard cover books, laptops, do crafts, etc.
  • [peel and stick wallpaper]SIZE and FEATURES: 15.7 X 196 inches,One roll can be used in a 3077 square inch room.If you don't know how much you need to buy, you can ask us.This paper has a wood-like texture and a matte surface.If there is water or stains on the wood grain Self-Adhesive paper, just wipe it with a rag.
  • [peel and stick wallpaper]AFTER SALE: We will respond to your information in a timely manner and provide you with relevant technical guidance.If you have any problems, tell us in time, we will answer your questions.

Details: Are there any stains on your furniture that cannot be removed? Are your furniture and walls old? Do you dislike the color of your current furniture and do not want to change it? Use this white wood grain contact paper to renovate your furniture at low cost, change the color of your furniture, and bring different colors to your home. Scope of application:Smooth, dry and clean surface. Not applicable:Uneven surface, wet surface, dusty surface.Use on these surfaces will reduce the service life of the goods, which may cause the contact paper to be not firmly attached and produce bubbles. Steps for usage:1.Measure the surface of the object that needs to be attached to the contact paper and cut it.(please cut a little more than the measurement, so as to ensure that the wooden contact paper completely fits the surface of the object to be pasted)2.Wipe the surface of the object to be cleaned and keep it dry.3.Uncover the contact paper a little bit and paste it to avoid contact paper sticking together and generating bubbles. Friendly reminder:In the process of pasting, you can use a card or a rag to assist in pasting. If bubbles are generated during the pasting process, you can gently peel off and paste again.if you find that there are bubbles and you do n’t want to paste again, you can use a needle to poke the bubbles, this will not damage the self-adhesive paper, nor will it affect the appearance.

EAN: 0795749241264

Package Dimensions: 15.7 x 5.8 x 1.9 inches