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ZRONGQF Girls Jewelry Box Jewelry case Jewellery Chest Wooden Classic Portable Jewellery Boxes with Drawers Siamese Jewellery Storage Box for Wedding Engagement Gift

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Color: Bream


  • ▲ The surface of the jewellery box is made of snail shell and sea bream into a vine pattern. It is mounted on the surface of the object as a decoration according to the picture, and the front side is locked by a butterfly lock to lock the sister box.
  • ▲ The lacquer lacquer ware is a lacquer ware made of polished and cut shells. It is a traditional Chinese craftsmanship and unique artistic treasure. The history of the snails is very long. It started in the Shang and Zhou dynasties and flourished in Datang.
  • ▲ Lift the butterfly lock up to open the jewelry box. The sister box is exquisitely chic and interesting. The four drawers on both sides are also set with corresponding patterns. After the sister box is opened, there are four drawers, which can accommodate some small ornaments such as rings and pendants.
  • ▲ The bottom of the jewelry box is equipped with a non-slip mat to prevent accidental slippage.
  • ▲ If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible, we will reply you within 24 hours!

Part Number: ZRONGQF1226

EAN: 9490749762474